Third Trimester: So close, yet so far.

Ahhh, the third trimester. Months ago I felt like I would never be here, and now I am a few weeks in amazed at how fast time really has gone. Today marks exactly 2 months until my due date and I have so many emotions running through my body I have no idea how to describe what I am feeling… excitement, panic, joy, thankfulness, terror, wonder, disbelief, and pure happiness all at the same time would be a start though! In one way two months seems like such a short time and I am freaked out about all that I still have to do. On the other hand, I just can’t wait to meet my sweet baby boy and feel like that time will never come. Patience is not one of my strong suits, so waiting may just be the death of me (or so I think lol).

I have yet to decorate the nursery, pack a hospital bag, wash baby clothes, pre-register at the hospital, decide on a pediatrician….the list goes on. I can’t decide if it is normal at this point to have so many to-dos or if I am way behind where I should be! One of my best friends just had her second baby 4 weeks early and this really set me into a panic. That means in a MONTH I could be in the same position as her and might have nothing ready. Realistically, the baby doesn’t know that the nursery isn’t decorated and I know we will survive if I don’t finish everything before baby comes… and really 2 months is a long time still right?

Needless to say, NESTING has begun at full force. I started deep cleaning my kitchen today, have been throwing things away left and right, and have this strange need to scrub EVERYTHING. I am not a neat freak normally, pregnancy does such weird things huh? 

Today was one of those rare days I felt accomplished. I wonder sometimes how I will be able to handle all that life throws while caring for a child. Now, sometimes it is all I can do to make it through work and eat whatever my hubby picks up to eat, HOW do moms do it all?!? Like I have said and will say a million times, I can not wait to be a mom, but it is a scary change too. DON’T even get me started on talking about labor and delivery haha! At this moment though the excitement and wonder are overriding the fear so I’m going to stop now before I get myself all worked up again 🙂

I pray that these last 8 (ish) weeks go by with ease and when the time comes I am ready to do this thing called motherhood. I am reminded many times every day of what a blessing I have been given with every ache, pain, and elbow/foot I get in the rib cage. I am growing a precious baby and that is all that matters in the end. Well ladies, I am off to take a bath, watch some Netflix, and dream of my sweet boy 🙂

Pregnant mamas, what are your current feelings? Are you ready for baby’s arrival? Experienced moms, what are your tips for the transition to becoming a mama?



3 thoughts on “Third Trimester: So close, yet so far.

  1. I didn’t pack my hospital bag until two days before my due date. The nursery can always wait, especially if you will be having little one in your room for a while. When people tell you to nap when baby naps, do it! I over exerted myself the first few weeks, and I would fall asleep mid sentence. Babywearing was a life saver when I wanted to get things done around the house, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The transition into motherhood is hard! So rewarding, but so hard lol. You start realizing that you can’t just drop whatever your doing to go to a movie, go shopping, or a late dinner. But make the time. Even if it’s just thirty minutes to sit down with just your husband and talk about anything but the baby, make the time. trust me, you will need this lol. You’re going to be a wonderful mama!!❤

  2. Go with the flow ! It will never be like anyone else’s experience . And it will be yours go with every moment like it’s suppose to be even if unexpected and it will all turn out ! U will love unconditionally ❤️

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