Hello world!

Hi everyone! As you may, or may not, know I am a first-time expectant mom. Thinking back, I have never wanted anything more than to be a mommy. I have always loved kids, especially babies 🙂 All of my adult life has been spent taking care of other people’s children; working in daycares and now as a nurse, it is truly what I love to do! For the longest time, dreaming about what I will do with a family of my own has been my constant. Parenting seems perfectly wonderful to me; from kissing boo boos to endless cuddles, I cannot wait! The day I found out Steven and I were going to finally be blessed as parents was such an amazing one! I still feel like I am in shock at times realizing that I will have a baby of my own in a few short months. People say I will be a pro knowing all that I do, but I know that once I have my own, all professional knowledge will be thrown out the window LOL. That being said, I will never stop being grateful for the crazy, amazing, beautiful, and messy journey I am about to be on.

Now you may ask, why am I blogging? That is a good question that I’m still asking myself! As a mama to be, I feel really overwhelmed with all that is happening. I also feel my best when I can help other moms within my work. Other than being a dog mom, nurse, and graduate student (ok, ok add Netflix binge watcher), I realized I don’t have a hobby I do for just me. So, I figure creating a place to connect with other women and mothers by sharing my experiences is what I am being called to do. Through The Moments to Mama, I hope to provide you all with some advice, some laughs, and the peace in knowing you are not alone! Ladies, let’s band together and conquer motherhood! Thank you for being here, there will be more to come very soon!



8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Excited to hear all about your journey and hopefully meet my nephew soon after he arrives. So happy for you!

  2. This is such a great way to connect with other moms and to share wisdom, advice and laughs. I’m so excited for all the posts to come and to very soon welcome you to motherhood. I already know you’ll be amazing!

  3. This is an awesome way to share your thoughts and get to hear about other moms experiences in motherhood. It is definitely a scary thing the first time, but having you as a nurse for my kids numerous times I know you’ll be great at it. We are blessed to have the chance to be moms ❤️❤️

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